Expect an online community with forums, image galleries etc. here!

This community will be dedicated to photographing in Namibia.

We need your support to make this possible!

It will allow photographers to discuss, share and connect, helping them to make their visit to Namibia a success.

New: Fresh images by Namibia photographers/travelers!

Here is a simple FORUM for now, have fun:

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uytOXKeT (1 answer(s) - write answer)
Please teach the rest of these internet hooligans how to write a ... (JkgyAljkAAXrwojXHS 12.12.2011 03:06)
Camera repair shop in Swakopmund? (2 answer(s) - write answer)
I found just what I was needed, and it was enetratniing! (WgzkeKcfB 10.12.2011 21:30)
Any pointers for a camera repair shop in Swakopmund? Just got a ... (toivotuo 26.06.2011 15:50)
Is there a lab that develops medium format film in Windhoek? (2 answer(s) - write answer)
not really. but there is someone who can do it. contact me for d ... (chris 29.09.2010 13:55)
thank you (Toufic 21.08.2010 19:24)
Wild Desert Horses (6 answer(s) - write answer)
v0P4LA , [url=http://meubnqdqcegr.com/]meubnqdqcegr[/url], [link ... (GNgUlmmocUVJv 13.12.2011 11:42)
yVRuno , [url=http://xspkhptmdptn.com/]xspkhptmdptn[/url], [link ... (ITcuVRAof 11.12.2011 09:56)
This arcitle went ahead and made my day. (beStLkeVktd 10.12.2011 06:23)
Welcome to the kiss-of-light forum! (3 answer(s) - write answer)
That's going to make things a lot esaier from here on out. (fkwOBrzCVQTsHxOcyw 12.12.2011 01:42)
Real brain power on display. Thanks for that anewsr! (PCRfiiZXVdoppzX 10.12.2011 18:14)
Hi! We supply this simple forum to get things started... We'l ... (chris 09.02.2008 21:08)

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