Wednesday, 16. September 2009
Alive and kicking!

I can't believe I haven't posted in my blog for almost a year. That's how exiting it is here in Namibia and how busy I am...

Above is an image of Trygve Cooper, one of the most famous rangers in Namibia, telling stories to the governor of the Caprivi region and our Minister of Environment and Tourism (right). This was at a bonfire after he had just received a lifetime achievement award. He now heads the soon-to-be Sperrgebiet National Park.

Be assured that I'll visit him there soon...

Btw., I'm posting picture stories on some trips I do at the GEO site in Germany - in German. Follow the title link (and then "Reiseberichte" ).

Thursday, 20. November 2008

Wow, I didn't add anything to this blog for two months -- that's how complicated it is to start things here in Namibia... really. I've spent most of my time at different ministry offices, the police and NATIS, the Namibian DMV or Traffic Registration office.

Remember, this is Africa. Great fun.

We will kick of kiss-of-light on Dec. 4, however, when James Martin comes over from San Francisco: He'll do a show on his Islands of San Francisco Bay at the Namibia Scientific Society (Tim Theron will also join us) and then we'll head North to Kaudom etc. for two weeks totally off the beaten track - first kiss-of-light expedition!

Stay tuned!

Thursday, 18. September 2008
GEO Reisecommunity features kiss-of-light

The online travel portal by the German magazine GEO, GEO-Reisecommunity, today started to feature kiss-of-light by displaying a panorama image of Rantum harbour as header on it's entry page.

I'm busy stuffing my 1968 Land Rover and all the rest into a 20' container right now... Off to Namibia soon! See you there.

Wednesday, 3. September 2008
Air Namibia Features kiss-of-light Photography

Air Namibia's inflight magazine Flamingo will feature above photograph in its September issue.

Wednesday, 3. September 2008
kiss-of-light Gallery Opens in November 2008!

kiss-of-light finally has a physical home! And so do we. We were extremely lucky to find a house with a former artist's studio attached. The studio makes a very nice gallery, see above. We hope to welcome you there from November!

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