Sunday, 11. May 2008
Simple. Like A Land Rover.

OK, I've put some snapshots online which I made during the ongoing and never-ending restoration of my Land Rover.

Land Rovers, Africa, photographing nature, simplicity, ah well, just take a look.

"Do you know why Land Rover owners go to heaven? Because on Earth they're already in hell." It's immature and un-enlightened people who spread such rumors.

Friday, 9. May 2008
Sand, Dust, Water - keeping them out

Finally: A practical and affordable solution for keeping sand, dust, water and all the rest of the desert where they belong - outside of your camera. Sand is the camera killer no. 1, not only in Namibia.

Thursday, 24. April 2008
Namibia: Natural Disasters And Photography

During my April trip to Namibia I also gave three lectures on natural hazards, at the Desert Research Foundation of Namibia (DRFN), at the Scientific Society of Namibia and to representatives of the government (e.g. Ministry of Agriculture, Office of the Prime Minister, ...).

I explained the principles of complexity science, using self-organised criticality and real-world observations as examples. Obviously, Namibia is most interested in droughts, floods and wildfires. My main point was that these events cannot be deterministically predicted and that they tend to cluster in time. There might be another flood soon, after the ones in 2006 and 2008!

I used the opportunity to point out the power of (nature) photography as well - for education and for deeper understanding of nature's processes beyond the analytical. In general, the audiences found it strange that a scientist wants to be a photographer...

The talks were covered extensively by the German (Allgemeine Zeitung), English (New Era) and Afrikaans (Republikein, see link) press.

Wednesday, 23. April 2008
Namibia: Pixels Rock'n'Roll

I returned from Namibia the other day where I investigated the business opportunities for kiss-of-light. I spent three weeks almost exclusively in Windhoek, talking to bankers, accountants, photographers, architects, tour and lodge operators, government people, friends, security guards, waitresses and nature conservation people. Very stressful but also very encouraging - I'll talk about this later.

While I was in Namibia, the German magazine Spiegel published an article about photo workshops in Namibia (see link above, in German). These workshops are run by the Switzerland-based photographer Dionys Moser. "Photo trips are a bestseller, people want to encounter pure nature and learn something new", he says...

Many thanks to Kerstin Walker for supplying the image!

Tuesday, 25. March 2008
kiss-of-light T-Shirts

kiss-of-light T-shirts - what's next?

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