Monday, 25. August 2008
Save The Rhino Trust Trek

National Geographic Adventure (Dream It. Plan It. Do It.) has an article on a 150 mile desert trek in Northern Namibia. It was conducted by the Save The Rhino Trust (SRT, with Nature Conservancy people.

There are some nice images by Per-Anders Pettersson of this remote region...

And I have just rented a house / gallery in Windhoek - stay tuned!

Saturday, 9. August 2008
Sigma DP1 Review

I couldn't resist the hype and had to get my hands on a Sigma DP1 - the one and only digital compact camera with a DSLR sensor. Sigma gave me one to play with.

It was worth it, despite the fact that I actually have no time for such things at the moment...

Yes, the image above was made using the DP1 of course. But HDR images don't come straight out of it. But almost. See my review.

Wednesday, 9. July 2008
Natural Optimism

I haven't posted here for some time. The reason is that I'm struggling with legal and financial matters to set up kiss-of-light in Namibia...

To keep it short: It's not easy!

But I'm not going to give up.

The Namibian German-language newspaper "Allgemeine Zeitung" (AZ) just published an interview with the parting German ambassador to Namibia. It's positive statements like the ambassadors' that keep me going. Click link above to read full interview. Excerpt (English below):

AZ: Welche Sternstunden haben Sie hier erlebt?

Von Kittlitz: Ich habe buchstäbliche Sternstunden erlebt, wenn ich mit dem Zelt im Erongo und den Tirasbergen unterwegs war und den Sternenhimmel gesehen habe und wenn ich erlebt habe, welche ungeheure Freiheit die Unberührtheit der Natur bedeutet. Erfreuliche Momente gab es auch bei Begegnungen mit Regierungsvertretern und wenn ich namibische Gastfreundschaft erfahren durfte. Ich habe sehr viele eindrucksvolle Menschen kennengelernt und möchte die Kontakte deshalb pflegen.

English translation:

AZ: What stellar moments did you experience here [in Namibia]?

Von Kittlitz (former ambassador): I literally experienced stellar moments when I was trekking with my tent in the Erongo and Tiras Mountains and witnessed the starry sky - and when I experienced the enormous freedom due to unspoilt nature. There were also pleasant moments when meeting with government representatives and when I had the privilege to experience Namibian hospitality. I have got to know many impressive people I want to stay in touch with.

I couldn't put it any better!

Monday, 26. May 2008

I played a bit with equipment and software to make panoramic images. There's a LOT to play but there are also really interesting creative possibilities...

Monday, 12. May 2008
Nice spring but cold water

Spring is great here in Northern Germany, perfect weather. But the North Sea is still icy. So we (my son Felix and me) got ourselves wet suits from a local surf shop. Too bad we forgot boots and gloves.

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