Christian Goltz: CEO and Founder, Namibia

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The short story:

Christian Goltz studied geophysics and cultures in Germany, Japan and the United States. But he grew up in Namibia.

When he contemplates a landscape, he sees physics and beauty. These he phtographs, preferably in Namibia.

The long(er) story:

Christian Goltz was born in Germany but grew up in Namibia before obtaining an MSc in geophysics back in Germany. He then moved to Japan (フォトグラファー!), leaving it after four years with a doctorate in geophysics, among other things. Again back in Germany, after two years as head of scientific computing, he became an assistant professor in statistical geophysics and geoinformatics. After that Christian moved on to California, USA, for two years of research on earthquake predictability and geo-complexity. He currently (2008) finishes up this work in Germany and prepares for his move back to Namibia to follow through with kiss-of-light. Christian has worked and travelled extensively in Africa, SE Asia, Europe and Central America and continues to be a scientific adviser to the European Commission. He has returned to his family in Namibia every year or two since he left and considers it his real home.

Christian has been an avid photographer ever since but photography was less important until several years ago when he began to study and practice it in earnest, devoting all free time to literature, courses, workshops and photography conferences, besides making pictures... He has since collected a bouquet of certificates (e.g., "top photographer") and is a graduate of the New York Institute of Photography (NYI Complete Course in Professional Photography; NYIP). People he studied with include Frans Lanting, Jock Sturges, Bob Evans, Brenda Tharp, Jim Zuckerman, Tim Cooper of Rocky Mountain School of Photography (RMSP).

Most recently, his images have been published, e.g., by Outdoor Photographer's Favorite Places Gallery (USA; here) and (Germany; here and here and here ...) and he was invited to be a contributing photographer to the well-received book "Photos That Inspire" by Wiley (USA; here). Christian is especially interested in fine art photography and his recent exhibition in Hamburg, Germany, was very well received. He is a founding member of, a novel online fine art gallery. His overall passion, however, is teaching. For him, teaching photography is the ideal mix of hard and soft (technology vs. art), theory and practice (lecture vs. field work).

Some more photographs by Christian Goltz may be viewed here.

Foremost, however, Christian is the founder and CEO of kiss-of-light, a studio and gallery located in Windhoek, Namibia. The studio also serves as the headquarters for an international network of amateur and professional outdoor photographers with an interest in Namibia's spectacular photographic opportunities. See more on kiss-of-light here. Watch a video here.

Why do you want to be a photographer in Namibia "all of a sudden"? "I have reached a level of scientific understanding of nature which is sufficient and conclusive for me. From hereon, photography suits me much better to continue my quest. I grew up in Namibia and prefer its deliberate and simple way of life, not to mention its natural beauty. Most importantly, kiss-of-light workshops enable me to share all this with friends."

Christian is married and has a wild son of seven who loves to tag along whenever possible. He is the primary contact for kiss-of-light in general and for photographers from Germany and (in) Namibia. Reach him at

"Namibia is a wild place ... you should make your Namibia images into a book", Frans Lanting, Santa Cruz, USA

"Your pictures are very intelligent", Jock Sturges, Palm Springs, USA

"Serious work, high ambitions, as it should be", Pål Hermansen, Ski, Norway

Christian Goltz

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