Kai Fusayoshi

I first met Fusayoshi-san ("Kai-san") at his Café Honyarado in Kyoto maybe in 1993. Some time later I met him again at his bar Hachimonjiya. Is that the guy who also runs Honyarado? I didn't know anything about him then. There I learnt that he was a photographer. The bar is stacked with his photos, postcards, books, ... Both places are legendary. So is Kai-san. He has bad teeth and looks grumpy. He has won a court case against the Japanese government. He likes woman and doesn't hate cats. Or something. We talk a bit in drunkard's English and Japanese. People come to his bar and stay a few months. Some American professor discovered his photographs. This led to his book "Streets of Kyoto". It is my most treasured photo book. Click on left photo to go to his jumbled web site where you can see more images and learn a little more about his operations. There's also a map for the bar and café...

Kai Fusayoshi Taken from inside Café Honyarado

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