“One of the best preserved corners of wilderness left in the world.”

National Geographic Magazine

"... the sense of space, so immense that it was humbling, yet so serene that I felt at peace with myself and the world. The air was clean and fresh, the ground pure. The landscape had an indescribable aesthetic quality that was invigorating, a sense of place that made me want to be part of its timelessness. In a world that is so preoccupied with itself, these qualities are invaluable for your sanity."

Joh Henschel, Director of the Gobabeb Research Centre, in "Gems of the Namib Desert", Flamingo 03/2008

"I was alone. Life was space and solitude" („Ich war allein. Fläche nur und Verlassenheit war das Leben“)

Pablo Neruda, in his poem "Nocturno", about being in the desert, at the sea

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