About the kiss-of-light network of photographers and explorers: These are the people at your service, be it workshops, assignments or other photographic endeavours.

kiss-of-light realises the fact that photography enthusiasts who'd like to go and photograph in Namibia ideally require a competent guide from their own country as well as a Namibia specialist. Also, professional photographers who'd like to work and/or conduct workshops in Namibia often lack the local contacts.

kiss-of-light is the ideal partner for both - get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you to share the Namibia experience!

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Christian Goltz, Namibia & Germany; Founder & CEO kiss-of-light, Nature Photographer, Earth Systems Scientist  
Neil Osborne, Canada; Conservation Photographer, Biologist  
Pål Hermansen, Norway; Transcending Nature, Travel and Fine Art Photographer and Writer 
James Martin, USA; Travel and Nature Photographer, Rock Climber and Adventurer 
Tim Theron, Namibia; Safari Operator and Guide, Wildlife Photographer and Consultant 

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