James Martin: Photographer, Rock Climber

James A. Martin lives in San Francisco, California, USA. He is a travel and nature photographer, a seasoned rock climber, an adventurer and an entrepreneur, in varying order.

He has this to say: "A wide variety of subjects have always held my interests and therefore pulled me in many different directions. The one constant has been to go exploring and to seek out adventure. Rock climbing, starting at 16, has fulfilled part of my life's adventures. Much of the rest has been filled with international travels, and it's because of those exploration trips that I became a photojournalist. Capturing scenes that convey stories of those adventures, that's what the magazine work that I did was all about. But I learned I had to be passionate before I could shoot anything. 'Collecting experiences', whether with a camera or not, is how I strive to live."

His statement makes it clear why James got hooked on Namibia: Unclimbed mountains, unlimited photographic opportunities, endless possibilities for adventure off the beaten track. He joined kiss-of-light to benefit from it and to share and because, remember, he's an entrepreneur. James's role within the kiss-of-light network is divers, as is the case with most members. You might meet him in Namibia as a workshop instructor, join him to climb (and photograph) a virgin cliff or run into him somewhere in the SF area. Reach him at james@kiss-of-light.net, especially if you're in California and have an interest to go to Namibia!

James' most recent, highly successful book project is "The Islands of San Francisco Bay", in which he photographed and documented all 48 islands of the Bay.

He is currently preparing a new website to showcase images from his international travels - here are a few samples:

James Martin

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