Tim Theron: Safari Operator, Photographer

Timothy (Tim) Theron was born and raised in Namibia, living in a family who travelled widely throughout the country and always explored the natural environment. His extensive travels into the wilderness areas with his father started his love of nature and his interest in all things wild.

After finishing his schooling in Walvis Bay, Tim went on to study teaching at the Windhoek College of Education. He completed these studies in 1986 and then joined the South African Police who sent him to work in the north of the country until 1993. After Namibia's independence he left the police force to become a professional tour guide.

Tim used his extensive knowledge of the more remote regions of the country and his interest in sharing knowledge with others to become an excellent and highly regarded safari operator and guide. He has now been guiding for about 15 years and worked in a variety of countries including Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, and most recently Angola. He prefers to work with small groups where he can offer a more personalised service and he is quite happy to conduct camping tours in the wild as well as accommodated tours in areas where lodging is available. Given the choice, he would always go off the beaten track so that he can offer his international guests the ultimate wilderness experience amidst stunning scenery. Tim is also a keen photographer and spends much of his free time travelling to new destinations to add images to his extensive portfolio.

In addition to his main role as safari guide, Tim has also acted as host and companion to a number of wildlife documentary makers working in Namibia. These have ranged from large production companies with extensive crews to single cameramen / directors looking for footage of specific species or events. Tim's great knowledge of the country and of the surrounding region makes him very well placed to find the right activity and the right places quickly. kiss-of-light is really lucky to have him! And we have not even mentioned his extensive connections and special permits that allow us to be in the field in Etosha before/after sunset, for example...

Tim's view is that guiding is a lifestyle rather than a job, and that passion for the environment and wildlife is the key to success. The quality of the experience offered and the knowledge gained is the ultimate judge of any safari. If it ever gets to the point that this is a form of earning money rather than a sharing of enthusiasm and experience, Tim believes that it would be time to start a different career. Today, Tim's enthusiasm and passion is stronger than ever. Reach him at tim@kiss-of-light.net

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