kiss-of-light's logo

The colours are Africa, Earth.

The sun just rises behind the mountains and gives the dunes in the foreground the kiss of light.

Shapes contained are the circle, the triangle and the square. In Zen this is like Alpha and Omega in Christianity, i.e., everything (cf. D. T. Suzuki: Sengai: The Zen of Ink and Paper, pgs. 36, 37).

Above all, the logo is friendly and simple, childlike, a good approach to face an elephant, a mountain, an immigration officer, a camera manual, all the rest.

KISS also stands for "Keep it Simple, Stupid" (old programmer's adage).

The kiss-of-light logo was originally conceived by Christian Goltz and fell into place in a bar in Santa Cruz, California, in early 2007.
Claudia Barstorfer, then a trainee at werkstatt205, first drafted the logo on the computer.
Elisabeth Herzel, editorial designer, kindly cleaned it up and gave it the finishing touches. Thanks!

Draft and final version of logo, kiss of light, Sengai's universe

(C) 2006 - All rights reserved

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