kiss-of-light Namibia supports awareness and conservation of nature through responsible knowledgeable photographic exploration.

We have ties with several organisations. These are mainly Namibian organisations since we prefer close ties on a personal basis. That way, we can directly participate in some of their projects.


The Namibian Environment & Wildlife Society (NEWS) is a not-for-profit membership-based organisation focussing on broad environmental education. The organisation was formed in 1966 as a Namibian branch of the Wildlife Society of Southern Africa (now the Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa, WESSA). The Namibian branch achieved autonomy in 1977 and became the Wildlife Society of Namibia. The Society changed its name to NEWS in 2007 as part of an ongoing restructuring process.

NEWS has the mission to to conserve the natural environment of Namibia and to promote appropriate protection, wise and sustainable use of natural resources and sustainable development.

Rapid development, social and economic disparities and the ever-changing needs of a dynamic society are creating continuous conservation challenges in Namibia. NEWS strives towards a balance between the need for development, economic growth and equality and the need to sustain a healthy environment.

Environmental apathy is seen as one of our biggest environmental problems. Public awareness and understanding of the environment in general, and areas of conservation concern in particular, are vital in ensuring sustainable development and a healthy environment.

NEWS concentrates on improving environmental understanding and eliminating environmental apathy through a variety of activities. These include youth, leadership and research programmes and projects focussing on education and applied conservation.

Some kiss-of-light workshops and tours are planned to be jointly organised with NEWS in order to have very specific conservation focal points. Outputs will include exhibitions and publications that call attention to environmental issues in Namibia. Check back soon to see some examples.

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Namibian Environment & Wildlife Society

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