Fine Prints

Fine Art printing is ... a really complicated matter. An art.

Proof 1: Lots of books about the subject.
Proof 2: Specialised companies which do nothing else and charge exorbitant prices, e.g., Color Folio, probably one of the best.

Since we are located in Namibia we do the printing ourselves.

And we do it extremely well and in special ways that make the prints last (even in Namibia).

In the meantime visit our real-world gallery. Contact kiss-of-light.

Here's a sample price list.

Some of kiss-of-lights' printing equipment, piled From top to bottom: EPSON R2400 (<= A3+ sheet and endless Fine Art Inkjet Printer), HP Z3100 24" sheet and roll Fine Art Inkjet Printer, Canon CP750 Dye-Sub Printer... We usually take the Z with us on wilderness tours.

Ah yes, juice for the Z3100... ... is expensive. A complete set of vivera inks is about EUR 850.- (US$ 1366.-, N$ 11000.-). This means that a liter of this fuel is about EUR 540.- (US$ 868.-, N$ 7000.-)...

Which paper is best for what...? Despite some general rules, not easy to find out!

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