We provide high-end scanning of your reflective (printed) and transparent (slides, negatives) images.

We scan prints up to 216 × 297 mm (8.5 × 11.7 inches) and transparencies up to 203.2 × 254 mm (8 × 10 inches) in size. Our maximum optical resolution is 6400 ppi, resulting in an output resolution of 12,800 dpi. Colour resolution is max. 16 bits per pixel per colour, i.e., 48 bit, at an optical density of 4.0 DMax.

For the ultimate in scan quality we use fluid-mount technology for additional scratch and dust removal, grain reduction on B/W films as well as scanning of alternate film formats and avoidance of newton rings. We can employ multi-exposure (increase of dynamic range beyond 4.0 Dmax) / multi-scan (reduction of noise and grain) methods.

Our scanning services include dust and scratch removal, colour restoration and "pre-flighting", i.e., adjustment of contrast, saturation and sharpness for different output media.

If needed, we can prepare images for fine art printing and of course also print them.

We can also calibrate your scanners.

Want to digitise your whole library of slides/negatives? Finally make the transition to the digital age and be able to showcase and digitally catalog your work? We can do that as well. Just ask. We can even turn your analog images into digital slide shows with music and all.

Our scanners are fully colour-managed with custom-made profiles which are re-profiled regularly. We use LaserSoft SilverFast Ai Studio scanning software and LaserSoft IT8-Targets for scanner calibration.

Examples and more info to follow...

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