Photo Workshops And Photo Trips in Africa

What is the best photo workshop / photo trip in Africa like?

Addressed are all passionate nature photographers. I am a nature photographer and adventurer with a scientific background and I offer workshops and photo trips (not 'photo safaris'!) for keen photographers, also beginners!

I am doing this together with a network of like-minded photographers who also want to share their passion and knowledge:

We are specialised on Southern Africa, especially Namibia, where I run my studio with fine art gallery.

You're helping us a lot by participating in this survey!
Welcome to my survey on photo workshops and photo trips. And many thanks for participating!

Christian Goltz


There are 12 questions in this survey.
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Aquire creative know-how
Aquire technical know-how
Leader's knowledge of country and nature
Leader's photographic knowledge
Make many good images
Make excellent images, but fewer
Joint activity with like-minded people / new contacts
Small group / exclusiveness
Personal mentoring
Unusual motives ('off the beaten track')
Adventure / exotic
High quality of lodging / food etc.
Low price
Help(1 = don't care, 5 = very important)

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HelpMaybe you feel like joining a 2-3 day workshop in Windhoek before commencing your individual trip. What's the permissible price for this (US$)?

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HelpYou join a small group of participants on a photo trip guided by a photographer. Please state the price premium as percentage w.r.t. a 'normal' trip.
HelpE.g., main focus on landscape, wildlife, people, ...; camping, climbing, ...; equipment available for use, ...; interest in Angola, Botswana, ...; ...
wrong don't know correct
Ultimately I can make better images when on my own
Image critique at the end of the day is useful
I have sufficient technical know-how
I have sufficient creative know-how
Additional inspiration is always a good thing
Presentations on photographic subjects are useful
Presentations on the country and its natural history are useful
Making images when in a group is helpful

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